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Laverne C. | Sun city west, Arizona

December 30 2017 Bark busters rating

We have new Scotty puppies nine weeks old that promise to be a challenge.

Michelle gave a great deal of very useful information on her first visit.

Beginning with easy to follow corrections, the puppies are responding very well,

We adults are learning to be in charge and the pups are adapting to that,

We look forward to future visits from Michelle in our home,

Thank you Michelle



Jacquie P. | Litchfield Park, Arizona

December 19 2017 Bark busters rating

Michelle was incredible with our 8 year old German Shepherd. We contacted Bark Busters for some basic doggy manners... such as barking, walking on a leash and understanding the rules behind who the "alpha" is in the family. Within a couple of hours, he was a completely different dog, and so excited to work on his training. Michelle was excellent and truly has a way with working with our dog, and bringing out the best in him. Thank you Bark Busters for your expertise in this field.

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Jeannine C. | Goodyear, Arizona

December 18 2017 Bark busters rating

Annie is my four year old Queensland mix. She has always been on a time delay when deciding to do what we asked. Bottom line was that she was my husband's dog when she did obey. My husband died 6 months ago. To say that I was at my wits end with Annie is an understatement. I exercised her, walks, frisbee, etc. She was guarding and attacking my daughters dog without provocation.

Michelle took the time to go over every concern. The three hour visit went by quickly. She left me homework to do and we set up another appointment in 3 weeks. After one day with Michelle, I saw an improvement with Annie. It was surprising how doing one little thing can bring out the best in a dog. (and a human) :-)

Annie is a joy now. I can open a front door and walk out with her without a leash. She is no longer guarding. Listens to me!

On the second visit I asked Michelle for advice on several other things that I wanted to change. They were little annoyances most of us put up with our furry friends. She helped with those also.

If there were more stars I would add them.

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Ben & Mercedes M. | Goodyear, Arizona

December 6 2017 Bark busters rating

Michelle was great! She is teaching us how to make our two male German Shepherds behave appropriately, walk on a leash, and not to rush doors. The first day of having Michelle over both of the dogs had already changed for the better. We can’t wait for our next session!

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Michelle C. | Buckeye, Arizona

October 12 2017 Bark busters rating

Michelle was so wonderful. Our little Henry, a yorkie rescue had a few issues mainly barking, lunging, snarling at other people whether on street or in person. She had him under control within minutes of her first visit. After a week using her training techniques we had no issues when company came to visit. Apart from a few minutes of their meet and a few corrections, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were giving him belly rubs later that day. They were here for two weeks... Now that is a test! We are so grateful for calling on Michelle. I was able to walk him down Main street, as part of his training, without any drama. It was amazing. On her follow-up up visit today there was no barking at the door bell. He just sniffed and later was up in her lap for a rub. The rest of the world will see the sweet l'il boy we know him to be. We could not be happier knowing we can correct any future issues giving the rethinking on behavior and techniques from Michelle.

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Victor L. | Phoenix, Arizona

September 8 2017 Bark busters rating

At first we thought that $500 for the lessons was way to expensive, but when Michelle got there and worked her magic it explained a lot. I mean she only was with him for roughly 3 hours and already like we already had a different dog. Can't wait to see what the finish results turn out to be when the next lesson happens.

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Molly G. | Phoenix, Arizona

August 17 2017 Bark busters rating

Our training session with Michelle was so great! We were thinking of starting a family soon and we were quite worried that our dog Rhemi would not do well with having babies in the house. She would bark and growl at my young niece every time she would come to visit and we were worried that we would have to get rid of Rhemi once we had kids. Michelle spent time with us explaining why Rhemi may be behaving the way that she is. She even allowed us to have my niece come over during the session so she could observe Rhemi's behavior with the baby and teach us strategies to employ with the baby. We have since welcomed twins into our home and Rhemi is doing great. The tips and strategies that Michelle taught us have come in so handy when it comes to modifying her behavior. Michelle is so knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to dogs that you cannot have a better trainer. She was able to explain everything to us in a way that makes sense and helps you to understand why Rhemi is behaving poorly and how to help her behave better. Taking lessons from Michelle was one of the best things that we could have done for our new family!

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Francesca T. | Phoenix, Arizona

July 1 2017 Bark busters rating

Amazing! Michelle is seriously a miracle worker. We were absolutely stunned at how simply and quickly she got our 2 puppies to pay attention and correct their behaviors. I cannot speak highly enough to this training method and to Michelle as an instructor!

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Pam G. | El Mirage, Arizona

June 23 2017 Bark busters rating

Michelle as amazing! Her calm and assertive energy made Lily know right from the start that she was safe and with a leader! Lily is a very nervous, hyper dog with anxiety! I was amazed how quickly Lily's behavior changed under Michelle's lead. Our struggles were so easily solved with a few simple techniques. It's only our second day training, just Lily and I, and she seems like a completely different dog. We definitely have our homework and I am dedicated to following through for the rest of her life. I could not be happier and am so grateful for all of Michelle's help and support!

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Nancy F. | Buckeye, Arizona

May 17 2017 Bark busters rating

We scheduled Michelle to train at our home because we felt that is where the problems are happening the most. Michelle was prompt to the appointment at our house, which we really appreciated. When she entered our home, she started accessing our dogs from that point. She was able to tell us right away some of the reasons our dogs acted they way they did, she was running the show from that point without being aggressive to the dogs. She showed us and helped us understand the animal mind and how we take back, being the leader. We had two sessions with Michelle and it has made such a huge difference in our house. I feel we do less talking to the dogs (which they didn't understand anyways) and get a quicker response from them. We have not had fight between the two since, which was adding a lot of stress and cost.

If you love your animals to the moon and back, call Bark Busters, they do so much more than training your dog not to bark.

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Tyler P. | Buckeye, Arizona

May 12 2017 Bark busters rating

We had Michelle help us train our Pitbull Judge and Labrador Cooper. They both had different needs but she made sure to work with each of them and gave us the proper tools to correct them. Before Michelle we could not get out the door without almost falling over as Judge pulled us, now we can walk him with no problems and we can actually enjoy our walks together. With Cooper she showed us the corrections necesssary to ensure as he grows out of the puppy stage he will be a well mannered and behaved dog. We couldn't recommend Michelle enough. She was unbelievably helpful with the dogs but she was also a great person to be around as she helped us train them.

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Alejandro L. | peoria, Arizona

April 20 2017 Bark busters rating

Thank you Michelle for training us to train our dogs. In only one week they have stopped pulling on the leach and the barking is getting much better. My dogs are finally listening to me after just one week. Thank You

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Rosalinda N. | Glendale, Arizona

March 10 2017 Bark busters rating

Michelle is wonderful! We already see so much improvement with our dog! We were really concerned about her jumping and nipping. Michelle gave us the tools and tips to help. She really took the time with us and answered all our questions. We look forward to our follow up visit.

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Anne B. | Buckeye, Arizona

March 2 2017 Bark busters rating

It was a pleasure having Michelle come into our home and show us the proper techniques to deal with our dog's issues.

It was pretty amazing to see how well our dog responded and we are looking forward to our next session.

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Roman M. | Surprise, Arizona

February 12 2017 Bark busters rating

Naddy, our rescue Aussie mix, had obedience and separation anxiety issues and, after several frustrating weeks, we decided to seek professional help from Barkbusters. After one session with Michelle, followed by daily practice sessions, Naddy is now a much happier and well behaved dog who is eager to please and much nicer to be around. We highly recommend Michelle and the Barkbusters training program. Thank you!

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Francine T. | Goodyear, Arizona

January 24 2017 Bark busters rating

Michelle was awesome. She came to our home on a Sunday to bring a Halti so I could walk the dog as my husband is the only one that can walk him because he's so strong. Sparton still doesn't care for it, but we did go for a little walk to the mail box last night and I was able to control him. He ended up doing great! So now he knows when I say let's go for a walk he comes over and let's me put the Halti on him. We wouldn't have been able to handle him without Michelle's help!

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Cannon W. | Phoenix, Arizona

January 17 2017 Bark busters rating

Shortly after adopting our rescue dog, we realized we were outmatched and overwhelmed. He had severe separation anxiety and had no formalized training at all. We turned to Bark Busters after seeing positive results in a pair of dogs we know. Michelle immediately had a presence that I know our pup could feel. She explained the entire theory behind Bark Busters, and helped us understand communicating with our dog. Within minutes of practicing the techniques, we realized we now had a method to train and correct our dog. Michelle addressed numerous concerns we had, and provided us a guide for success. We did have to continue to work with him daily, but have seen such improvement! Michelle came back for a visit, and re-enforced all of the steps we were taught to take. It works like magic when she does it! It is clear she is very good with dogs, and really put us at ease during the whole process. We would highly recommend Michelle, and would absolutely reach out to her again with any issues. She saved our dog from being returned back to the shelter!

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Patrick J. H. | Goodyear, Arizona

November 9 2016 Bark busters rating

:-) Still smiling.

I met Michelle a few years ago when she trained my pup Finn ( Boston Terrier), rather trained me to think like Finn. Finn had the basics some where else, and did OK. After training with Michelle, both Finn, and I understood our rolls. The why's and why not's, do's and don'ts, I never understood till then.

Now two year later my wife has a pup, a Doberman. Michelle is back to help us once again with puppy understanding and training. I'm sure once we get past this, Michelle will most definitely be back to help us in advance training.

Through numerous on line classes, DVD's, CD's, local training classes, before meeting Michelle, I always felt there was something missing. How can you ask for something, if you don't know what to ask? Michelle is by far the best, she has the answers before you know you have a question. ;-)

Thank You!

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Marcia S. | Surprise, Arizona

November 6 2016 Bark busters rating

Excellent advice, techniques and training. Michelle has a great disposition and my husband and I learned a lot from her.

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Faith S. | Phoenix, Arizona

November 2 2016 Bark busters rating

I adopted a 3 year old German Shepherd. He was so sweet, but with in the first week of having him he tried to bite me. I knew I didn't want to take him back so I decided I needed a trainer to help me before things got worst. I was told I had the BEST trainer in Arizona, and they were right! Michelle taught me to think like a dog, and after one lesson I put everything she told me into practice. Her method isn't her, "training your dog for you" it's equipping you with the skills so that you can bond and train you dog. Michelle feels like a friend you have known your whole life and really takes the time to understand what your needs are and offers genuine solid solutions! Thank you Michelle!


Deanna W. | Surprise, Arizona

October 28 2016 Bark busters rating

Amazing! I fostered Tillman off the e-list from Pinal County on May 27, 2016. He had spent just over 6 months at the shelter and had come in as a stray. He was estimated to be 2 years old when I picked him up in May. He is a Pit Bull mix. He was a good dog, but still had some issues. He and my 8 year old German Shepherd mix female did not always play nice. He pulled and had to be ahead of my Shepherd on walks. He tended to jump on people when they came to the door. He is a big boy so this posed a risk to kids and older people, plus I just did not condone the jumping. Tillman also was starting to bark at certain people out of fear, which scared many people because of his breed and size. After my first session with Michelle, Tillman allows me to climb and descend the stairs first, he heels on our walks even with Daisy the 8 year old Shepherd. Tillman no longer jumps on anybody. The playing between Tillman and Daisy is now happy playing not any sort of aggression or aggravation from either dog. We still need to work on fine tuning greeting people at the door. Tillman's barking at people has diminished about 90% so still a little bit of work there, but the training tips are helping greatly. Tillman has gone from a good dog to a great dog with Michelle's help. The training tools and tips are highly effective and easy to enforce.

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Alan F. | goodyear, Arizona

October 18 2016 Bark busters rating

I have control of Greta instead the other way around!

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Jenna W. | Tolleson, Arizona

September 14 2016 Bark busters rating

I had started to lose hope with my ACD (shown as my profile picture). A co worker of mine had two words for me, Bark Busters.

As a current veterinary technician and prior dog groomer, I was loathe to admit that I needed help wrangling ANY animal. I deal with ill socialized, bad mannered animals for a living. I know what I am doing. That was until Rorschach came into my life.

He came to me as a stray to my job, brought in on a rabies pole, allegedly aggressive. From the moment I saw this terrified, whale eyed dog, I knew I could help him. Petrified of the world, he glued himself to me from the moment he saw me. I was sold. After a clean bill of health, a neuter and some vaccines, he came home. A few days later, the trouble began.

Based on his acting out, I deduced he was taken from mom too early, not properly socialized with people or animals, afraid of things going over his head, and very confident/dominant. He was bordering on aggressive.

Michelle Willey came into my life and helped me make the changes to start me and Rory needed to start fresh. Now we are both on the right track to being able to enjoy one another for many years to come.

Michelle is fantastic. She knows just the things to say to make you feel it isn't all in vain, even when your teenage male dog might make you think otherwise. Just a phone call, text, or email away, your Bark Busters trainer will help you crawl along until you can start walking, then running through life with your new furry roommate/fur kid.

Thank you, Michelle. You are a life changer.

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Rebecca N. | Peoria, Arizona

September 13 2016 Bark busters rating

I am so glad I called an in-home trainer rather than going to a local store for general instruction. Michelle and I were able to work specifically on the undesirable behavioral issues my puppy was having.

Michelle didn't just teach me commands and techniques, she helped me understand why dogs respond to training and how to use that to use positive methods to train my dog and gain her "following" as a leader in my home.

I didn't think my dog was too bad to begin with, yet can really see a marked improvement in how she responds to my direction. My friends have also commented on how well behaved she has become.

I want my dog to be enjoyable to be around, especially given that she is a breed with an undeserved bad reputation. I want to know that she will not jump on people or children out in public or in my home. I don't want her to bark or lick. And I don't want her running out the front door to chase cats every chance she gets. Oh and no more digging holes or chewing up my furniture because she has separation anxiety!

Thankfully I am seeing improvement in all of these areas and will continue to see better behavior as I remain consistent and implement more and more of the suggestions Michelle has given me.

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Cindy & Mike H. | Wickenburg, Arizona

September 2 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle had the dogs under her control as soon as she entered the house. We had Finoa about 2 weeks before the appointment. She had physiological issues and would not come out of the bedroom as well as being immature for her age.

The dogs responded to everything Michelle asked them to do. McDuff had some previous obedience train and Finoa knew basic sit command but that was it. Michelle taught my husband to assume the leader position and how to teach the dogs without any physical correction. The whole principal caught on quickly with the dogs.

So going forward and educating them to meet our needs was a matter of practice for all of us. By the follow up appointment Michelle was amazed at the improvement in Fiona. We are so happy with Michelle and this program and the way it guides us to train our dogs. It is an outline to follow from now on.

Michelle is very professional and compassionate with the dogs and patient with us.

We would recommend Michelle and her program wholeheartedly.

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Lois P. | phoenix, Arizona

August 17 2016 Bark busters rating

After one session, I learned enough to continue training and Riley improves daily

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Ed C. | Glendale, Arizona

August 4 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of assessing our dog, Pedie and our challenges. We witnessed improvements on the first visit and feel that we will succeed in training Pedie when it felt we would have no other choice then to have him euthanized. Unfortunately, he developed a major infection and required surgery which has given us a little set back on his training. However, I feel there is hope that we will be successful in addressing his aggression and biting.

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Kathie U. | Sun City West, Arizona

July 25 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle is a wonderful trainer. She easily accomplished my goals.

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Betsy W. | Surprise, Arizona

June 11 2016 Bark busters rating

I was in a desperate situation. Willow was dealing with aggression which I had never dealt with. She had bitten my 10 year daughter twice and I had removed her from our home and was looking for a new home for her. My heart was broken because I knew she was a sweet dog and that I was missing something with her training. I called Bark Busters as a last hope. Michelle was wonderful and taught me very quickly how to establish myself as leader in dog language. I never knew how that could be so important. The stress that Willow was carrying seems to have disappeared. She is so much happier and more at peace. These simple techniques made a major impact on her. Of course we have safety precautions set up for my daughter's safety but Willow has not growled at her once since the training. There is less sibling rivalry between her and Odin as well. I am very thankful for Michelle and for Bark Busters.

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Diana A. | Goodyear, Arizona

April 14 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle did an amazing job with our 2 labs, the techniques she taught us are invaluable and really changed our lives. We couldn't be happier with her service.

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Dale V. | Litchfield Park, Arizona

March 21 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle is wonderful!! We learned so much and she is very patient with teaching us the correct way to train our Daisy Duke. She knows her stuff and how to work with both people and the dog. We are very pleased and have already been telling others about how impressed we are with your work. Thank you Michelle very much

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Maria A. | Phoenix, Arizona

March 6 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle was extremely knowledgeable on teaching us how to communicate with our dog and helpful tips. We have seen a complete difference in our dogs behavior -which I thought it would be impossible. We can't wait for Michelle's next visit to learn the next step in our training plan.

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Jeri G. | Surprise, Arizona

February 29 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle Willey was awesome. Both Pocket and I learned a lot. He is doing so well. My only regret is that I didn't know about her sooner. I would highly recommend her for anyone that is looking for a trainer.

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Charla L. | Surprise, Arizona

February 28 2016 Bark busters rating

While I was reluctant (being on a fixed income) to spend this much money on a rescue dog's training, I was desperate. Rowdy was very aggressive with other dogs (he broke away and bit another dog) and he was soiling everywhere. It was this or he would have to go back to the rescue center. I was amazed at his reaction to Michelle and how well she was able to train us both --- the first day! It has made a great difference and I truly enjoy him. She also gave me great tips for training and eating. She encouraged me to call any time with more questions. Thank you, Michelle and Bark Busters!

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Rodney J. | Glendale, Arizona

February 6 2016 Bark busters rating

I can't give Michelle a 5 star review because she was double of what my expectations were. So I give her 10 stars !

She spent time talking about my dog's breed,the pack mentality, and my dog's diet. She is very knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior.

I noticed a big improvement in my dog's behavior in an hour.

She was amazing! My vet recommended her to me.

I highly recommend Michelle Willey and Bark Busters.

She's the BEST !!!!

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Colleen H. | Surprise, Arizona

February 6 2016 Bark busters rating

It was such an informative & great learning experience, on our 1st 3 hr. lesson. But, it was absolutely amazing at how we were able to change/help with our dog's behavior problems, within a few days. She was like a different dog almost overnight. I/we couldn't be happier, and I wish we would have contacted your service a lot sooner. Michelle is a great trainer!

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Roberta K. | Buckeye, Arizona

January 21 2016 Bark busters rating

Everything was excellent. Michelle Willey is outstanding as a trainer. We learned a lot of information we didn't know before in training a puppy. We would highly recommend her to our friends.

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Michael F. | surprise, Arizona

January 9 2016 Bark busters rating

Michelle is a great trainer she has a understanding of what we needed to help our dog and help us. The only thing I wish was we had more time with her to help with the training because we had so many things to go over and we are not real good at them. There was a big difference in the way our dog and us communicate now which we really needed.

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Shirley H. | Phoenix, Arizona

December 19 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle was wonderful !! After the first session we could see an amazing change in our dogs.They actually started listening to us and responding. We were being pulled down the street on walks and now we enjoy walking them.It is not a quick fix,it is work for us.Michelle gave us the tools to have happy well behaved dogs,but we need to practice and be trained ourselves.Our dogs are really being a pleasure to be around. Being consistent and practice is the key. We have a way to go after a month but the difference is amazing. The best thing is knowing Michelle is only a phone call away and ready to help if problems arise.

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Mary lou B. | Buckeye, Arizona

November 16 2015 Bark busters rating

I was in tears by the time Michelle left. If anyone can help I believe she will able to in just a few days and you can see the difference. She is and has been the only one who has been willing to come to my house to work with me, such a blessing.

A true angel sent to me from heaven from Father from above. Still daily work in progress but it works. I would highly recommend this woman and the Bark Busters program to anyone who's having issues. It brought me so much peace of mind in such a short time. I am greatly humbled. Sad Michelle has to train behind many other trainers who refused to follow up and complete the work they started destroying my pup. I just wanted to get his territorial issues I dealt with and paid trainers that did not follow through. She's amazing so far....big difference in just a few days. My dog goes back to his den when asked.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, from both Harley and myself Marylou


Diane K. | Surprise, Arizona

November 4 2015 Bark busters rating

Do you have a dog that barks? Chases after people? Digs holes? Jumps on visitors? Have you gone to puppy training classes with no luck? Than you MUST call Michelle. Michelle's technique and approach to train our seven month old puppy, Jade, is brilliant. She uses a combination of several behavioral modifications and emphasizes the use of body language. She was patient in explaining her techniques and demonstrating them as well. She taught us some very vital information regarding our interaction and roles with our dog. I highly recommend her if you want effective results.

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Greg P. | Avondale, Arizona

October 12 2015 Bark busters rating

I was extremely pleased with how well my dog responded to Michelle's training. It was easy for me to understand what I needed to do, and transmit that information to my dog. Michelle was very good at answering any of my questions that related to my specific dog and situation. I had a complete turnaround with my dog, in an extremely short period of time.

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Traci K. | Goodyear, Arizona

August 25 2015 Bark busters rating

When Michelle first came into our home, she told us who the alpha dog was . She took control of our pack and showed us how to be the Alpha all before leaving our house on the first visit! We were really impressed!

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James C. | Avondale, Arizona

August 16 2015 Bark busters rating

Our experience with Michelle was excellent. We were having issues controlling our Catahoula Mix on the leash and around new dogs. Michelle came to our house and patiently worked with both my wife and I to help Callie understand what we wanted. Michelle followed up once to check on our training and has offered to meet with us again when we've progressed enough to help us achieve our next goal. Michelle is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. We couldn't recommend her any higher.

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Connie & Tim I. | Glendale, Arizona

August 4 2015 Bark busters rating

We are both retirees in our late 60s and just adopted a Doberman puppy from our daughter who travels a lot for work and felt her home was not suitable for a large puppy and no longer fair to Ruby. Although we have always been dog owners, this pup is a huge, vigorous pup and we needed some early control and obedience lessons one on one. Ruby was 4 months old and unable to focus and we needed help! Michelle Willey arrived like a canine Mary Poppins and helped save the day. Her evaluation of Ruby was right on and from the very first lesson, Ruby has made steady if not rapid progress. We are applying Michelle's lessons and suggestions and so far with our attempts to adapt them specifically to Ruby, we are hopeful that she will be the dog she should be. We love her very much. We have never owned a Dobie, having had Labs and Aussies and our perceptions of Ruby's Dobie behaviors were sometimes off but with Michelle's help we ALL learned so much. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to anyone struggling with a new "baby" and, like Tim and I, to grandparents raising a rascal grandpuppy! Many, many thanks to Michelle, you were a godsend. Kudos to Bark Busters too, who's instructors indeed do speak dog.

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Bonnie H. | Glendale, Arizona

July 14 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle is very outgoing and personable and we all liked her from the start. Our 8 week old puppy, Jamie, took to her right away and laid at the bottom of her feet as she talked with us about how to teach him how to be integrated into our family. We are using the techniques she taught us and he seems to be responding well. We are looking forward to our next appointment so we can learn more and have the best trained puppy we have ever had!

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Shannon S. | Surprise, Arizona

July 6 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle did an excellent job! I couldn't believe how quickly Trey responded to her commands, and then to ours through her guidance. She was so knowledgeable about training, breeds, and dietary needs. Her passion for what she does was evident throughout the session.

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June B. | Sun City, Arizona

July 5 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle taught us how to stop our 6 yr. old adopted dog from barking aggressively at golf carts & gardeners operating blowers, plus how to walk on a leash - first time for this 6 yr. old. We improved his recall. Now Niko can greet guests in our home without going crazy!

Thanks to Michelle, Niko can live safely and be a well mannered dog.

Her techniques worked as we practiced today. We're grateful!

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Pam G. | Sun city west, Arizona

July 2 2015 Bark busters rating

Went very well. Michelle gave us a lot of information and instructions on how to handle our 6 month old puppy. She covered food, socialization, walking, doorbells, swimming, biting, potty training and sleeping. She was very generous with her time spent with my husband and I.

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Margaret L. | Peoria, Arizona

June 11 2015 Bark busters rating

Excellent! Michelle really was helpful and knows what she is doing!

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Julie C. | Sun City Festival, Arizona

May 22 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle was very helpful. My husband and I have owned many dogs over the years, but our new dog was the first time we had experienced a fearful and anxious dog. We were able to train him to sit and stay-all the usual commands, but we did not understand how he was thinking. Michelle helped us understand how he was reading our body language and how to read his. We saw immediate changes in his behavior once we understood what we were "saying" to him. We continue to work on his skills. Brandi is a small dog and not intimidating to people, as much as she attempts to intimidate with her barking, but Baron is a mid-size dog and has an intimidating bark. When we first started working with Michelle, visitors could not come in the house without the dogs barking their heads off, blocking the doorway and causing havoc. Today, (May 21) my cleaning team came for their monthly visit. They are used to the dogs going nuts and my having to kennel them and lock them out of the house. Today, using the techniques Michelle taught me, I let the team in and instructed them that the dogs were in training and to ignore them. The team did their job with a minimum of barking and no intimidation! Thanks Michelle!

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Larry and Susan S. | Sun City West, Arizona

May 19 2015 Bark busters rating

Learned more in the first 3 hour session that I'd ever learned from other trainers and from reading training books. Michelle trained US, so we could then train the dogs. She gave us the key info and hands-on practice we required to become the leaders with our two dogs. Within a few days after receiving training, our dog walks were a pleasure as we had our dogs attention. Dogs behavior when someone came to door improved greatly. Overall, we are extremely satisfied and happy with training we received

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Kim M. | Surprise, Arizona

April 26 2015 Bark busters rating

I learned so much from Michelle, and was easily able to see what I was doing wrong and change my behavior to better communicate with my dogs. Michelle is fantastic, and I would highly recommend her to any dog owner.

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April 23 2015 Bark busters rating




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Lisa S. | Surprise, Arizona

March 12 2015 Bark busters rating

I really appreciated the time you took to understand the issue and the holistic approach. It is a breath of fresh air as far as behavior training is involved! We look forward to much success with our scaredy-dog :)


Patrick H. | Goodyear, Arizona

February 20 2015 Bark busters rating

Pat Heavey ***** 5 star

:-) I have to start with a smile. Michelle did in actual minutes what I've tried to do in weeks. My pup Finnegan, almost two, has had basic training before. He's a good , bright pup, but had some issues like unwanted jumping, pulling me when walking, and an occasional potty problem. The biggest problem was me trying to understand just how to train Finn. Going to a few well known classes, I was taught differently. Once outside that environment Finn would test me. Michelle taught me how to understand, react, and quickly handle scenarios. Michelle also gave us good tips on food, toys, etc... I normally do not recommend anyone because that's MY name, my reputation. Would I recommend her ? in a heart beat!!

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Lielia S. | Goodyear, Arizona

January 22 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle has a wonderful personality and is very easy to work with. She was able to show us how to train our puppy and gave us guidelines for upcoming milestones. She is a canine expert and taught us the basics we need to have a good relationship with our pup.

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Dawn S. | Surprise, AZ, Arizona

January 13 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle was amazing and very easy to understand. She is very patient and great with helping to involve my kids in the training session. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a dog trainer. She has made owning our puppy way more enjoyable. She is always quick with responding to my questions. I can't wait until we have our next appointment.

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Christel F. | Sun City, Arizona

January 4 2015 Bark busters rating

It was an unbelievable excellent experience. Michelle has a special gift! Her positive energy immediately took over and my rambunctious young Golden knew who was on top. Michelle is nice, has patience, is very personal. The material furnished is awesome! I cannot imagine any other instructor/mentor that could compete with Michelle. I am so impressed, I have nothing but praises.

Even after just one lesson Simon learned not to push me out of the door. I am practicing all Michelle advises me to do. I am looking forward to the next lesson.

Michelle is a jewel! I will let my Vet know who suggested Bark Busters and also the Sun City Pet store, owner Al, who referred Michelle to me.

The best I could ever hoped for


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Angela S. | Waddell, Arizona

January 1 2015 Bark busters rating

Michelle was amazing and very pleasant to work with. The techniques used by Bark Busters are very simple and natural and they work! They take the time to teach you about dogs in general and why their techniques work. After working with our pup for just a few minutes we noticed a huge difference. She even pointed out things we didn't know were issues. She explained why they were issues and what needed to be done to correct them. We got more accomplished in 3 hours than I ever thought possible. I have already recommended Bark Buster to 3 friends and will continue to recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a trainer.

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Shotzie W. | Goodyear, Arizona

December 6 2014 Bark busters rating

WOW! I was amazed at how fast my 4 year old female Golden Retriever learned in our first session. Michelle has a gentle yet effective way of communicating and actually taught (trained) me. The philosophy of BarkBusters makes sense and her techniques were easy for my dog to learn. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their dog to learn quickly.


Lisa H. | Sun City, Arizona

November 26 2014 Bark busters rating

Michelle was terrific. After just one lesson the dogs were already listening.

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Harold & Charlotte C. | Litchfield Park, Arizona

November 19 2014 Bark busters rating

Our session with Michelle Willey was informative, enlightening, and very effective. It is stunning to realize how much more our two Australian Shepherds know about us then we do about them! Michelle taught us to begin observing and listening to the language our canines use to communicate with each other and with us. It is now clear that we are on our way to better understanding our two canine companions thanks to the techniques she shared with us.

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Don L. | Surprise, Arizona

November 14 2014 Bark busters rating

After our first session there was an immediate change in his

behavior as far as the obedience part of his training. On and

off the leash he was great within a few days. The Separation

Anxiety problem was a long term fix, but he has come along

very well. After 6 months from our session Augie

has been able to stay out of his crate in the house (with a

doggy door) for up to 6 hours with no problems. At 9 months he has been

able to be alone for 10 hours plus without any issues. We started with 1 hour

and worked our way up. I see him being completely over his separation

problems very soon. Michelle was able to quickly recognize Augie's issues

and what training was going to help him. I would recommend her to anyone.

She is very good at what she does.

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Colleen L. | Litchfield Park, Arizona

September 25 2014 Bark busters rating

My husband and I thought the training was great. Michelle Willey was very informative and she made it interesting, the 3 hours flew by. We are already seeing improvements after one week. I definitely would recommend Michelle to my friends and family.

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Trish K. | Surprise, Arizona

September 18 2014 Bark busters rating

My Pinto is a Staffie,very sociable and friendly outside of my home but super protective of the house even to my family, friends and neighbors (who were afraid to enter based on his reactions). Michelle was great and very understanding of my situation and that of Pinto. The techniques and tools she gave me for Pinto's "protection of the den" worked right out of the gate. I almost started crying. Michelle also gave me recommendations on healthier foods and durable/challenging toys for Pinto. She left me w/homework and a training chart to monitor Pinto's progress and mine. We have a follow up visit in a couple weeks to see how things are going and I am looking forward to it and Pinto's new "welcome".

Thanks Michelle.

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Ryan P. | Peoria, Arizona

September 9 2014 Bark busters rating

Michelle Willey is an excellent canine trainer! We got amazing results with our puppy, Kali, on learning how to listen to and obey commands and find her place in our pack! Michelle was friendly, personable, knowledgable, and professional. We learned so much about our new puppy and how to properly train and care for her!

We would gladly recommend Michelle to any dog owners struggling with obedience issues and/or are just looking to learn more about their beloved pet!

Thanks Michelle!!


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Joe N. | Sun City West, Arizona

August 6 2014 Bark busters rating

Training was very informative and found techniques immediately effective.

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June 23 2014 Bark busters rating

Michelle Willey is a great trainer, she took the time to give me a lot of information about my German Shepherd puppy. I am very impressed with her knowledge and her abilities to get the results she needs out of the dog. We've seen great improvements since our first session and can't wait for the second session.

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Virginia S. | Surprise, Arizona

June 17 2014 Bark busters rating

We have been working with Michelle for about 4 years now. Initially it was the basic training for Jessie and Jake and then we added Bailey to the mix. Jake and Bailey have continued with their training, working to become certified as therapy dogs. Throughout the process Michelle has been a source of accurate and complete information on the requirements. Her patience as we needed to take a hiatus during Jessie's terminal illness was infinite. Michelle's ability to "read' both dogs and humans makes her training all the more to the point and reliable. I have recommended Michelle on a number of occasions and those who called her have reported back that she is without a doubt, one of the best in her field.

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Zoe M. | Phoenix, Arizona

May 15 2014 Bark busters rating

We were extremely impressed by Michelle and her advice which almost immediately helped us with Timmie. After the first lesson we started implementing Michelle's suggestions and saw the results! Timmie has become a much more confident and less skittish and fearful rescue pup. He no longer barks incessantly when the doorbell rings and visitors enter. He is attentive on walks and doesn't pull anymore. Thank you very much to Michelle!

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Twyla & John M. | Surrpise, Arizona

May 11 2014 Bark busters rating

We appreciated the work Michelle Willey did very much. We accomplished a lot but we have more work we must do with Bear. Michelle did her job, now we have to work on ours. We will meet with her again on May 20. Looking forward to the meeting. Many of her tips have proven valuable.

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Dottie and George K. | Sun City, Arizona

April 10 2014 Bark busters rating

The first session was wonderful and helped us to make some changes in our dogs. They are doing great! In the words of my 80 year old husband - "I have had so many dogs over the years, and did not know these things". Our dogs do so well at walking now; less barking, and our one year old, seems more at peace, and not afraid of everything he encounters that is new! Excellent training and we recommend it for every dog owner! Thanks, Michelle!

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Sandi B. | Surprise, Arizona

March 11 2014 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters was extremely helpful with our "confidant dominant" miniature schnauzer puppy. By twelve weeks of age, his mouthing and biting had become such a problem that not only could we not pet him, he was often drawing blood with those sharp puppy teeth. We never had this problem with our four previous miniature schnauzers and we were not able to handle this on our own. We are so glad we did. Applying there technique, we were able to pet him immediately and the biting was reduced by half and has gotten increasingly better each day. We didn't know we had such a sweet puppy behind all those teeth. We plan on purchasing the lifetime training. We can't thank Bark Busters enough.

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John D. | Litchfield Park, Arizona

March 4 2014 Bark busters rating

This was the best behavior lesson I could have ever had and my only regret is that I did not schedule this awesome guidance sooner!

Michelle is a true "Dog Whisperer" and I now have a much better understanding of how my puppy thinks and how I communicate with him.

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Marty H. | sun city west, Arizona

January 13 2014 Bark busters rating

Michelle was very informative in a way that made us understand how a dog's mind works.The techniques she had us practice worked almost immediately. We are very pleased and would recommend this program to anyone.

barkingjumping upseparation anxiety

Norma C. | Surprise, Arizona

November 22 2013 Bark busters rating

What a difference even a day makes! We are so pleased with the progress our Elsa and we are making. It's bumpy but getting so much better each day. Michelle Willey is an awesome trainer and we are so glad that our vet recommended Bark Busters to us. Love the printed material. We are busy doing "homework" and are excited for our next session in two weeks

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Glenda C. | Glendale, Arizona

November 20 2013 Bark busters rating

I just could not be more pleased with the first training session with Michelle! It was more successful than I could possibly have imagined. The first time she "Bah'ed", my Pogo's reaction was jaw dropping for me, no other way to describe. Our first walk after Michelle's visit was amazing. It was like walking a different dog. He didn't pull nearly as much and now a week later, he has improved even more. Michelle's other technique recommendations have been equally successful. He has not progressed much with barking when the doorbell rings, but that is solely from lack of practice and reinforcement, not many people come to my door, but I am recruiting some neighbor help and I am certain that behavior will be corrected in time. Michelle's explanations for some of Pogo's behaviors, particularly as my protector, were so helpful and the techniques to establish myself as pack leader are working beautifully.

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Margaret D. | Peoria, Arizona

November 11 2013 Bark busters rating

Michelle was great with our Belgian Malinois named Koda and our family. She is very friendly and knows what she is doing. We learned a lot in the few hours she spent with us. On the first night, Koda stopped his crazy barking every time the door bell rang and learned to trust me when I let a stranger in the house. Michelle taught us how to communicate with Koda to let him know he isn't the "KING" of the house. It will take some time to get Koda to where we want him to be because he is very stubborn but we have seen so much improvement in the last week. Thank you Michelle !!

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Carmen W. | Phoenix, Arizona

October 18 2013 Bark busters rating

Michelle of Barkbusters training was wonderful! She had our Lab/German Shep. mix Lucy (and us) trained in two hours! Lucy no longer barks at every passer by. She walks with me instead of pulling me and pays attention to my commands. She sits, rolls over and even plays dead when we say bang and point a finger at her. (That was a special request from me that she taught Lucy in about five minutes). Michelle is obviously an expert dog trainer. She is open and friendly and was very fun to work with. She gave us all the tools needed to continue working with Lucy and we enjoy our relationship with our dogs even more now. I would highly recommend Barkbusters and Michelle to anyone who needs help with problem behaviors or just plain old sit, stay commands etc. Can't say enough!

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